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Eyebrow Tinting

Having great eyebrows is about more than just the shape — it’s also about the color.

Ensuring that your brows always look great requires close attention be paid to color. Brow tinting can give you the full and impactful brows you have always wanted, without any expensive implants or extensions. Our team of brow technicians swears by eyebrow tinting for its thickening and defining abilities. We are proud to have helped countless people achieve their dream brows through tinting.

defined eyebrows with tint

Eyebrow Tinting

As an innovative way to get the brows you have always wanted, tinting

Darkens your brows

Thickens your arches by dying even invisible hairs

Only takes about 15 minutes

Helps you to fill in your makeup more precisely

Plumps up your brows

Defines the shape of your brows, flattering your face

Lasts for up to a month

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