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At Ziva Threading Salon, we are here to fulfill all of your beauty needs, including skincare. With specially designed facial treatments and talented technicians, we strive to give you the ultimate spa experience.

formulated and natural ingredient facials



Everyone needs a little pampering now and then, and what better way to do it than by giving your skin what it truly needs and deserves — a specialized facial? With a wide array of options, and years of experience, our technicians are able to help you with the right formulas and processes, addressing your skin’s unique needs.


Herbal Facials

Using powerful, natural ingredients such as fruit, pearls, diamonds, and gold, our herbal facials give you a pampering experience, without any harsh chemicals. Our goal is to give you a goddess-like glow through natural and time-tested methods. We have extensive experience in providing natural-based facials, and our team would be glad to help you decide which one is optimal to fit your skin’s needs.

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