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Eyelash Extensions

At Ziva Salon, we give you the very best beauty treatments available. In recent years, eyelash extensions have gained enormous popularity due to their ability to elevate any look without requiring extensive maintenance. Our team possesses years of experience applying eyelash extensions and would be happy to help you figure out exactly what style is right for you. Using only the best lash products on the market, we work to delicately craft the lash line that best fits you and makes you look your best.

Full lashes


A staple in modern beauty, eyelash extensions

Add voluptuous volume and thickness

Make your eyes stand out

Add gorgeous length and curl

Are a water-resistant alternative to other lash options

Create a luxurious and glamorous look

Allow you to go makeup-free without a problem

Are lightweight and natural looking

Eliminate the need for flaky mascara or lash-ripping falsies.

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