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beautifully shaped eyebrows


be your fierce self


At Ziva, we take pride in being your go-to friend in the beauty industry. Though we are known most for our eyebrow threading, we also offer expert lash extensions, tinting, facials, hair care, henna, and more.

Want to look and feel your very best?

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 All Natural &
Non Toxic Skincare

A favorite eyebrow-shaping technique for many, threading is:

100% chemical free

Healthy for, and gentle on, sensitive skin

Longer lasting than alternative methods (often lasting up to 6 weeks)

Extremely precise and detailed, offering better definition

Time-tested and proven, having been around for hundreds of years

Substantially faster than plucking

Able to be done before the hairs grow in completely

Less expensive than waxing

More sanitary than waxing or plucking

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